QuickPak ActiveX is a comprehensive set of custom controls that help Visual Basic 6 programmers to quickly build high-performance applications.

User Interaction Controls

Crescent QuickPak includes several VB6 controls that enhance the looks and functionality of your application:

  • Calendar
  • Caption
  • Enhanced frame and checkbox
  • Extended command button
  • Enhanced combo box
  • Form enhancement
  • Hypertext
  • Frame and option button
  • Data-specific input/edit controls
  • Enhanced list boxes
  • Additional display controls
  • 3-D routines - for adding an attractive,
    sculpted look to applications.

Access System Power

Now you can access the power of the Windows API easily using Crescent QuickPak:

  • Hotkeys for keyboard events.
  • File operations: searching and encryption, copying on wild card specifications, file access routines, error-handling, attribute retrieval.
  • Date and time routines.
  • Keyboard routines.
  • String manipulation routines.
  • Hardware services - processor, coprocessor, drives, memory and other resource attributes.

Math and Statistics

Crescent QuickPak includes fast date and time arithmetic, in addition to financial and statistical routines commonly used in spreadsheets.

QuickPak ActiveX has reached the end of mainstream sales and support. For legacy projects, you can still purchase developer licenses and download the latest version. If you have an older version we recommend that you upgrade to version 4.5. If you have any questions, please contact us.